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CAD Crowd - Imagine a Global Team Saving You Thousands on CAD Design Work

CAD Crowd is an online matching service that helps companies hire global CAD workers. You can get started in minutes by posting your job.

CAD Crowd's Head Office is located in Calgary, Canada and has built connections with reputable engineering firms in global locations that provide first-class work. The engineering and CAD drafting companies hold internationally recognized certifications and complete projects at a very low cost. The cost savings can be tremendous as companies can save up to 85% on labour cost through using CAD Crowd compared to domestic in-house staff.

CAD Services

CAD Crowd has certified providers that offer services in the following areas:
  • CAD, AutoCAD, Soidworks and More!
  • CAM Engineering & Designing Services
  • Drafting, Detailing and As Builts
  • General Engineering Services

How Global Workers Can Help your Business:

Aside from achieving substantial cost savings there are many additional benefits from using global workers in your business. The benefits may include:
  • To focus on your business core functions.
  • To acquire new skills. 
  • To focus on strategy.
  • To avoid major investments. 
  • To handle overflow situations and cyclical work. 
  • To improve flexibility. 
  • To improve financial ratios. 
  • To launch a new strategic initiative.
  • To improve overall performance. 
  • To enhance credibility through accreditation

Choose CAD Crowd CAD Crowd Sells Trusted Providers

Why should you choose CAD Crowd to post your drafting and simple engineering requirements?
CAD Crowd only allows accredited service providers holding International certifications to do work through Additionally, providers service is monitored to provide consistent quality and cost effective work to our clients. Not all providers provide quality work or can be trusted and CAD Crowd aims to select the best of the many talented engineering experts globally. 

With this peace of mind, your company can be assured that you will be working with experts in the field to fulfill your business needs.

CAD Crowd selects provider companies with staff between 10 and 200 people. Companies provide many advantages over working with freelancers including long-term relationships, being able to handle larger projects as well as workforce and time frame scalability.

CAD Crowd has service providers that can work in all major engineering areas. Our experts work in a variety of industries with the major areas including:
  1. Architecture and structural Engineering
  2. Civil Engineering
  3. Mechanical Engineering
When a buyer deposits money into their CAD Crowd account, the money is held in escrow until the project terms have been fulfilled. Escrow provides increased security to our clients by making sure they receive the quality work they have paid for.
Safe deposit is also included through PayPal and MoneyBookers.

CAD Crowd users also have access to project management software. The software is cloud based and comes with all CAD Crowd user accounts. Companies can not only manage their CAD Crowd projects with Collabtive but are encouraged to use Collabtive for any project.

CAD Crowd strives to be a leader and innovator in the engineering procurement industry and aims to offer the latest technology and services.

CAD Crowd provides the expertise and qualification of providers to fulfill your company's for CAD workers quickly, accurately and at a lower cost.

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