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Energy Exploration Industry sees Potential for Global CAD Staffing

Energy Exploration Industry sees the Spikes in demand for Global CAD Support

The energy exploration industry has seen an increased demand for engineering providers in and the need to find alternatives for hiring staff. CAD Crowd can answer the demand with global CAD designers to deliver CAD requirements on budget
Fifty-Million Dollar Saving Through Outsourcing Engineering Services

A company in the manufacturing industry was able to re-engineer and redesign numerous components for complex assemblies through outsourcing engineering services. These processes involved plastic injection molded sub-components, steel stampings, rubber products and die castings. The resulting benefits resulted in over $50 million in piece price cost savings alone, with additional labor and process savings. The firm in India developed new product designs that:

  • Simplified assembly operations, creating significant labor savings.
  • Re-designed multiple components into fewer or simplified parts, thereby     error-proofing assembly operations, reducing scrap and improving quality.
  • Elimination of processing, welding and adhesive assembly operations with re-engineered fasteners or snap-fit designs.
  • Combined multiple parts into single components, creating significant piece price reductions. In one case, a multiple component stamping with 54 variations and welding operations was reduced to a single component with only one design without welding, cutting costs by 700%.