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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CAD Crowd?

What is CAD Crowd?
A: Our web service allows you  to build a global team of CAD designers, which can save tens of thousands of dollars every year.

Post your job in seconds and start saving today!
What is a Pro Member?
A: A Pro Member is a person or company that has been verified as a credible business.
A Pro Member also pays a monthly fee for increased savings on hiring.

Read more about it on the pricing page.
How can I join?
A: Click "Register" button in the top right corner of the page and explain the CAD design services you offer. Make sure to add us to your approved sender list!
How much does it cost?
A: Buyers:
  • Posting your jobs on CAD Crowd is free
  • To hire, the cost is 10% of the work completed
  • Pro members pay 3% of work + a fixed cost
  • Currently, CAD Crowd does not charge workers
For more info, please check out our pricing page
How do I post my job on CAD Crowd?
A: How to post a project:
  1. Login: Login to your user account.
  2. Post a Project: Click the Post a Project  write project details, time and budget.
  3. Choose worker: Pick a worker based on price, time and worker skills.
  4. Add funds: Add money to start project
  5. Pay worker: Once the work is successfully completed, the money in escrow is released to and feedback can be added.

Managing My Global Team

How do I manage a global team?
A: CAD Crowd has a mailbox & fileshare service.
In addition, all users have optional project management tools.

Try the demo:
User: demo
Pass: demo

CAD Crowd Trust Account (Escrow)

What is CAD Crowd escrow?
A: The CAD Crowd escrow is allows buyers to hold funds until full work satisfaction. Once work is complete a buyer can transfer funds to a provider.